Statement from Perry Aasness, Executive Director Minnesota AgriGrowth, on effects of tariffs on Minnesota agriculture:

St. Paul, MN – “A key to the economic prosperity of the Minnesota and U.S. ag sector hinges on U.S. leadership to support existing trade agreements and proactive efforts to expand new export markets for ag and food products. AgriGrowth strongly supports the modernization and retention of critical trade agreements like NAFTA and maintaining trade relations with individual countries like China.  The news in recent days of retaliatory tariffs placed by China on U.S. pork, soybeans, beef and other ag exports have the potential of resulting in great economic harm to the ag economy in Minnesota, as well as the state’s economy overall.

AgriGrowth recognizes there are legitimate concerns regarding some of China’s current trading practices. However, we strongly encourage the Trump Administration and the Chinese government to meet at the bargaining table to resolve the issues that led to the current dispute so that Minnesota farmers, food companies and ag processors can continue to help meet China’s food needs.”


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